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Free “Christmas vol. 1” Printable Weekly Kit

Introducing a new format – Mini Weekly Kits! 🎄🎁🦌 I will be able to introduce a lot more variety to my kits this way, but I’ll still be doing the regular 2 page / 4 sheets kits 😊

This kit consists of 1 page of stickers (divided into 2 half sheets), including 4 gorgeous full boxes, headers, labels, lists, trackers, washi and many more. Designed for the Verical ECLP, but you can make them work in many other planners 🎀 Includes .studio3 cut files, .png blackout files, .jpg and .pdf. There a version with light outlines to make cutting by hand a little easier 😊


The sheets are 4.5″ by 7.0″ (half sheet), with 2 sheets per page. Here is a preview of the full page and all the separate sheets:

2 thoughts on “Free “Christmas vol. 1” Printable Weekly Kit”

  1. Hey would to know what equipment i need or that yoh recommend to get the best out of these. Like what i can use to do the cutting and the software you mention the files are for??

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